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Breathe EZY 60 PLUS, Pure New Zealand Air enhanced with 60% Oxygen - Breathe Ezy introduces a revolutionary product for people involved in low impact but strenuous activities.


  • Tired after a workout in the gym?

  • Need a pick-me-up after a day in the garden?

  • Breathe Ezy 60 Plus follows established science to provide the correct balance of Oxygen and Pure New Zealand Air for rapid recovery. Safer than pure Oxygen, 60 Plus allows rapid recovery with the danger of over-oxygenating.

  • Sold throughout the world and now available in New Zealand.

  • Suffering congestion and air hunger associated with flu or SARS


“I have had four stents put into my arteries recently. 60 Plus is a fantastic remedy if I am feeling over-tired. A few deep breaths and I feel so much better” A.M Papakura


“I am a representative international sportsman and 60 Plus provides the right balance of after sport recovery. I can strongly recommend it” P.M. Palmerston North


“Now I am in my 70s I find that I am quickly exhausted after simple jobs such as mowing the lawn. 60 Plus allows me to quickly recover my energy levels. It's just great.” A.W. Christchurch


“I am a representative lawn bowler. The herbs in 60 Plus clear my head before a match and I find only half a dozen breaths post-match get me on top of my form again.” M.B. Auckland


Icecloud®  is our newest innovation, a pure and natural facial mist enhanced with the well-documented healing properties of Manuka & Ylang Ylang.  Icecloud face and body spray uses only the most natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand.

IceCloud contains pure New Zealand water that has been extracted from deep below the surface where it has taken centuries to filter down to the deep aquifers. To this crystal clear water, we have added Manuka Honey, well known for its healing and health benefits.


The final ingredient is Ylang Ylang, a substance extracted from the flowers of the tropical Ylang Ylang Tree. With a naturally rich, floral scent and its ability to lift the mood and help with relaxation, it is seen as  “romantic” and stimulating.  The scent has the ability to positively impact emotions and can help create a calming, relaxing atmosphere in your home. It especially can be useful for soothing you through a rough day when a trace of IceCloud Face and Body spray will help you feel refreshed and calm.

Our customers report that the use of IceCloud has a positive effect on dry skin conditions, eczema, insect bites and rashes. Use on hot days, during a long flight or any occasion when you want to feel lifted from your daily round​​.

PURE NEW ZEALAND AIR®  is individually bottled in a range of pressurised canisters for your convenience and is available in all good tourist outlets.

The air is some of the purest air in the world collected, triple-filtered and bottled in locations throughout the South Island of New Zealand.


For special customers we are able to fly by helicopter and land on glaciers in the high alpine, collecting air directly from beneath the snow capped peaks of the Southern Alps.  Such products are sold in a minimum quantity of 50 bottles and will be personally labelled.


We are also able to accommodate corporate buyers who may wish to have their supply exclusively labelled with their logo or message as gifts to staff, customers or family.


Don't forget to try our new 60 PLUS, Pure New Zealand Air enhanced with 60% Oxygen for sports recovery, a rapid pick-me-up, easing congestion and enhancing general well-being














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