pure new zealand air

Pure New Zealand Air was the company's first product and found easy acceptance in Countries where the air quality was of serious concern. The Air provided a relief from toxic fumes and was popular with children on the school bus run.


Where does our air come from?


New Zealand is one of the most beautiful yet isolated countries in the World.  The cool Westerly Trade Winds bring pure and uncontaminated air to New Zealand. The winds curl around the Antarctic region and the Southern Ocean passing over no major landmass or populated area.


The air New Zealanders are fortunate to breathe arrives on our shores crisp and clean as some of the freshest and purest air in the World. We are proud to offer a product that in New Zealand is considered by the Maori as a treasure or ‘taonga’ and which is a life-giving privilege we are proud to share.


Perhaps using some of our PURE NEW ZEALAND AIR ® will encourage you to visit this wonderful country, meet the friendly people and experience for yourself some of the wild and unspoiled landscapes.



Breathe EZY 60 PLUS, Pure New Zealand Air enhanced with 60% Oxygen - Breathe Ezy introduces a revolutionary product for people involved in low impact but strenuous activities.


  • Tired after a workout in the gym?

  • Need a pick-me-up after a day in the garden?

  • Breathe Ezy 60 Plus follows known science to provide the correct balance of Oxygen and Pure New Zealand Air for rapid recovery. Safer than pure Oxygen, 60 Plus allows rapid recovery with the danger of over-oxygenating.

  • Sold throughout the world and now available in New Zealand.


“I have had four stents put into my arteries recently. 60 Plus is a fantastic remedy if I am feeling over-tired. A few deep breaths and I feel so much better” A.M Papakura


“I am a representative international sportsman and 60 Plus provides the right balance of after sport recovery. I can strongly recommend it” P.M. Palmerston North


“Now I am in my 70s I find that I am quickly exhausted after simple jobs such as mowing the lawn. 60 Plus allows me to quickly recover my energy levels. It's just great.” A.W. Christchurch


“I am a representative lawn bowler. The herbs in 60 Plus clear my head before a match and I find only half a dozen breaths post-match get me on top of my form again.” M.B. Auckland


We have taken a modest and sensible approach to ensure the benefits of oxygen are enhanced but not overdone.  Received wisdom and most research would suggest that for people with normal lung function, breathing pure oxygen at low levels (ie under 10,000 feet) is not helpful as it simply is not effectively processed.

We have studied such research and run a number of tests to ascertain how people react to various levels of oxygen for reoxygenation after exercise. Although our studies are largely qualitative, we have observed that about 60% oxygen in pure air appears to be a good balance and the 40% buffer of Nitrogen and carbon dioxide (see contents below) allows a more gradual reoxygenation avoiding hazards associated with hyperoxia.

Each canister of our SPECIAL EDITION 60 PLUS Oxygen contains about 80 deep breaths of:

Oxygen 60%

Pure New Zealand Air 40%

Total Oxygen 68%