IceCloud Face and Body Mist

This attractively scented face and body mist is formulated from three unique ingredients that together provide a healing and refreshing formula that moisturises and assist in the management of dry skin caused by long exposure to air conditioning, travel and any other environment where dry air creates some level of discomfort. Our initial intent was simply to create a refreshing face and body spray but we have had continuous feedback about its healing properties. Breathe Ezy makes no claim that IceCloud acts as a medicament for the cure of disease, however anecdotal reports from users show that it appears to have some useful attributes other than being refreshing and calming.

The principal ingredients are:

Essence of Ylang-Ylang. This is extracted from the flowers of tropical Ylang-Ylang tree. For centuries Ylang-Ylang has been recognised for its calming and relaxing properties as well as its gentle scent. We chose Ylang-Ylang as the mildness of its scent will not overpower a user’s existing perfumes but also because  consumer research favoured this scent over many others. It also has strong healing properties and has been used to treat mild skin irritations, dry skin, acne and insect bites. 

New Zealand Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is recognised as a powerful antibacterial and healing agent. We select high grade certified honey from registered apiaries in the foothills of the Southern Alps. Combining Ylang-Ylang with Manuka Honey ensures that IceCloud not only refreshes it also contains ingredients that are appear effective on conditions such as chronic eczema, insect bites, rashes and a range of skin irritations. We have positive verifiable reports from users who report that it is almost immediately effective in reducing itching and over time shows reduction in other skin conditions.

Deep aquifer water. The Manuka Honey and Ylang-Ylang are diffused in pure water collected from an aquifer at a depth of around 200 metres. This water originated in the glaciers of the Southern Alps and over centuries has found its way into aquifers deep below the Canterbury Plains. Rich in essential  minerals and crystal clear, the water is the perfect medium for IceCloud.