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Air pollution is now threatening the health of billions' worldwide

Pure New Zealand Air® during pregnancy

Being pregnant is an especially precious time for mothers. It is a time of a new life growing that needs access to the very best and when a mother doesn't want to risk the health of the growing child by breathing air high in contaminants or noxious chemicals. Breathing our PURE NEW ZEALAND AIR TM will give a sense of wellbeing and comfort where an expectant mother can relax knowing she is breathing some of the purest air it is possible to get.

Air pollution can have a damaging effect from when a baby is in the womb and continue throughout life to older age, playing a role in many chronic conditions and neurological changes linked to dementia.  

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Pure New Zealand Air®  when commuting

Standing at the bus stop by a busy road, travelling by train or simply walking the pavements breathing in particles and chemicals that can cause significant harm, increase discomfort and make coughs and colds feel much worse.  A few breaths of PURE NEW ZEALAND AIR® will transport you to another country famous for its 100% pure reputation and where the air is naturally fresh and clean.

Pure New Zealand Air® for older people


As we age our lungs become less efficient and are especially vulnerable to airborne pollution that stresses the lungs, induces coughing and exacerbates conditions such as emphysema or silicosis.  Breathing a premium product such as our Pure New Zealand Air® increases the lungs capacity to absorb life-giving oxygen and reduces coughing and discomfort brought on by high levels of particulates in the atmosphere.