BREATHE EZY has produced a range of products aimed at relieving lung congestion in cities where air pollution reaches serious if not toxic levels..

Our first model 60 PLUS is a mix of oxygen and Pure New Zealand Air which was designed to provide rapid recovery after exercise and also provide a measure of relief for people suffering lung congestion. 60 PLUS is great for people involved in physical activity, whether aggressive sports or simply a hard day in the garden

With the Worldwide pandemic of Covid 19 we developed 80 PLUS to provide a careful balance of pure oxygen and Pure New Zealand Air that provides all the benefits of pure oxygen but with the added enhancement of traces of normal atmospheric gases that are necessary to encourage normal respiration. 

Breathe EZY has been applying empirical research to its expanding range of products. While Pure Oxygen has been available on the market for many years and serves a useful purpose, there are some well-known issues associated with breathing pure oxygen. Many of these issues you will experience if you simply breathe deeply for about thirty seconds.  On cessation you will feel dizzy, have blurred vision and may even need to sit down. Some of these symptoms relate to slight oxygen toxicity as pure oxygen flushes essential CO2 out of the bloodstream. CO2 is one of the most important triggers to tell the body to inhale. 

Adding a small amount of Pure New Zealand Air to our product ensures that the blood retains a physiological balance for best oxygenation.

80 PLUS is only available through our registered distributors. Contact this company for more information.