Independent Laboratory tests demonstrate that Breathe Ezy products contain less than 0.01 ppm demonstrating that Breathe Ezy Pure New Zealand Air ®  is many times purer than WHO guidelines for safe breathable air.


Breathe Ezy shares world-wide concern for people suffering from the effects of COVID-19, and the need for a high quality, portable source of oxygen.


We are in the process of releasing our new product 80 plus Hyper-Oxygenated Air, that contains a mixture of 80% pure oxygen and 20% Pure New Zealand Air, giving a total oxygen content of 86%.

The company acknowledges that best pulmonary function requires the presence of carbon dioxide to trigger the inhalation reflex. Flushing C02 from the blood with pure oxygen in a non-clinical environment provides short term relief but also can cause disorientation and giddiness.

Our new (patent pending) product provides the very best resource for people who need a lightweight, portable supply of this scientifically formulated product.

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Pure New Zealand 80% PLUS Hyper-Oxygenated Air